Proposing Stage

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Proposing Stage

Interview-Fact Finding

In the early stage, before a proposal or suggestion is made to a client, we shall have meetings and discussions to get to know what the client wants, meantime to build up trust and mutual understanding.

In the interviews, we’ll ask the company’s financial condition,the reason why and what kind of business transfer he/she is thinking of, and the like.

In many cases, we have to get rid of the client’s unease in selling his business, as some may have health issue or early retirement, some may have a succession problem or have a negative outlook over his industry.

How a presentation is made to the client is very essential to a successful M&A transaction, therefore we have to ensure the client understand what are the benefits of M&A, knowing the big picture and necessary steps of M&A process, believing in our discussion is highly confidential and is doing in professional manner.

Proposal about a feasible M&A plan

Based on the fact finding we did on the interviews and discussions, after looking into your company situation and analyzing with othe external factors, AMAC will then propose you a feasible plan with how to carry a M&A process with your business.

Nevertheless, it is totally free of charge at this stage as our service is performance-and-fee-based.