Negotiating Stage

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Negotiating Stage

Exchange of Information between prospective buyer & seller

When a prospective buyer is keen on a possible M&A with our client and would like to talk into direct negotiation, then the “Letter of Intent” (Some called it as, MOU) is made to legally protect all parties from disclosing more information. (In this case, AMAC will turn into a role of advisor. Not necessary a prospective buyer to the client anymore)

AMAC will leave the post-negotiation process to both parties so that strategic talk is limited to them and we shall keep all parties’ information highly confidential. Nevertheless, we can help both parties in research, evaluation, etc. upon client’s request.

Negotiation Support

When both prospective buyer and seller had agreed to form a business acquisition, those critical terms such as price of acquisition, by what type of investment and how the asset/ownership to be transferred, what kind of renumeration package to directorsor staffs, mode of payment, guarantee of loan, etc. all these are to be negotiatedin order to draft a “Term-Sheet” or some may call it as “Letter of Understanding”(a temporary sell-and-purchase note) before the official “Purchase Agreement” is ready.

Nevertheless, we can advise the client on all these term-negotiation or even act as client’s agent to fix these terms in the negotiation, so as to produce the best result of our client’s interest.