Closing Stage

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Closing Stage

Due Diligence

When the Term-Sheet (or, Letter of Understanding) is fixed, very common in the M&A practice,the prospective buyer will conduct various due diligences to make sure if the asset/business acquisition is real and existing, whereas independent third party like legal and financial professional will conduct field audit to the company to complete the due diligence reports.

Our client can rest asure that we can help arranging these professional servicesin an efficient and productive manner through our AMAC network.

Deal Closing support

If due diligences have been completed smoothly and without term-renegotiation, the M&A transaction will be finalized with an official signing of Purchase Agreement.

We will respond to our client’s request if our support is required such as, arrangementof signing ceremony, delivery of stock certificates, verification by legal opinion, even sensitive issue such as business succession or appointment of directors, we are pleased to advise the client to complete a successful M&A transaction.