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M&A Intermediary & Advisory

Clients can make use of AMAC’s network in Japan and Asian countries as a platform to seek and match their desired M&A target.

In the meantime, clients may utilize our specialty to deal with their M&A transaction such as acting as their financial advisor.

Japanese SME is our focus clients, however, our goal is to help all clients succeeding in their Cross-Border M&A deal in Asia. Our mission is to help our clients’ business growing through their M&A activities (Acquisition).

Business Succession & Reorganization Planning

M&A is not only for the purpose of business growth and expansion, it can be used in a company’s reorganization plan such as disposal of non-core business/subsidiary, de-merger, spin-off, etc. Business Succession and EXIT of business, are same as reorganization an inevitable issue to address and to adapt the changing environment of business or economic life cycle.

AMAC can provide valuable insight into how companies can reform or reorganize, exit or transfer, to enhance theirshareholder value, in various approaches (eg. MBO) and international prospective.

Valuation & Due Diligence

MAC’s related companies have been engaging in professional accounting & taxation practice for decade, we deliver independent, objective and high quality business valuation services such as asset valuation, due diligence or fraud detection to help clients through the M&A transaction phases.

By understanding target’s business, we convert information into insights to help uncover issues and opportunities to assist clients improving efficiency, performance and financial reporting in their M&A transaction.

Public Listing & Reverse Merger

oing Public is an option of business continuation that the company can raise fund to finance long term growth and expand internationally, or to promote the company’s status and branding image, or an alternative route to penetrate into foreign market by listing.

AMAC can assist clients to achieve their goal of public listing in Hong Kong, Japan, UK and US (eg. HKEX, GEM, AIM, TSE, Mothers, NASDAQ, etc.) by going through a standard IPO procedureor through reverse merger.