What is M&A?

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What is M&A?

M&A, which is short for “Merge & Acquisition” of a business purchase.

In a broader sense, M&A is not only about merging and buying a business, but also Business Alliance or Partnership. There are many forms of M&A, such as Share Transfer, Issuance of new shares, Exchange of equity, Business Transfer, Merger, Spin-Off, etc.

In every day TV news or newspaper, M&A news in the headline used to be confined with the big company. However, the object of M&A is not limited to business entity, it may cover propoerty like a shop lot or a business division, even a business rights or intellectual property.

But recently, we find the M&A of SME companies are growing every year, as some may take M&A as a solution to his/her succession problem, while some companies may use it as a business expansion strategy.