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AMAC Features

Specialized in cross-border M&A in Asia region

AMAC, as it name, is a professional focuses on cross-border M&A in Asia.

Today, as our business activities are getting more and more global-interactive, many companies need professional advices on its cross-border M&A or reorganization issues.

The purpose of our company, is to satisfy these unique customer needs, especially the unique cross-border business issues in Asia Region.

Networking Japanese Companies in Asia Region

AMAC, is a localized Japanese specialty coorporated and based in Hong Kong, we’ve been helping our clients expanding its business in the Asia region for years. Thus, we are proud that we have a strong network of Japanese companies in the Asia region.

Nevertheless, our market knowledge about the Asian culture and language differences between Asian and the Japanese, is another asset to your success in the M&A process.

Independence & Neutrality

AMAC, is an independent company and does not attach to any group.

We strongly believe in maintaining our neutrality and independent position in the M&A process is for the best interests of our client.

Our neutrality, will bring not only an open door for two parties to have a good start of a M&A talks but also help two parties to build trust and lasting relationship.

We believe our clients’ satisfication is the key to grow our M&A business network.

Project based teamwork and multinational members

As you may know, cross-border M&A involved various legal and taxation issues between two or three countries, which makes verification and due diligence works even more complicated.

Each M&A has its unique characters and different issues to look at, thus why we carefully each time choose different professional members to run each M&A project respectively.